Yellow Tara

  • The Yellow Tara expresses the energy of the colon.
  • Her key Immeasurable Feeling is Peace.
  • Her fundamental doctrine is about the Immeasurable Feelings.

Her transfer of teaching is the most “human” one among those of other Buddhas and Taras (best suitable for human beings); her language is  purely human. Her teaching is based on the explanation of human communication (that is, what is the reason people tend to unite into families and Sanghas). Yellow Tara describes precisely the phenomenon of human communication and commitment to each other.

Her theory (doctrine) is more ancient than Buddhism, and consists of the fact that the whole universe comes from a single point (“point of singularity). Her mandala resembles a kaleidoscope and has a certain set of colors. Performing mandala offering of the Yellow Tara, we must build a mandala every time a little differently, as if turning the kaleidoscope. The traditional Kalachakra Mandala, which is made in Tibet, is laid out with sand for several weeks and always has the same pattern that symbolizes the Space Palace. And then it is destroyed by a single wave of hand. In destroying mandala we express the experience in which the mandala is reunited with emptiness.

At home, you can build the mandala with colored pebbles or colored mosaic tiles. Sweeping pebbles/tiles with a wave of hand reminds us of the illusory nature of all existence. By practicing that, we begin to realize that the Three Meditation Experiences (Bliss, Clarity and Absence of Thoughts) are just a reflection of the Nature of Mind.

What is the Space Palace? It is a palace of the Immeasurable Feelings.

Typically, the Yellow Tara mandala is divided into four parts plus the center (five parts in all). The four parts are called Brahmaviharas (Endless feelings) – Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy, Equanimity (Peace). We are exploring the endless feelings in the Mandala of Pure Lands, too, but the mandala of the Yellow Tara (the Mandala of Endless Feelings) sounds majestically like an echo, sounding muffled and wide. Her doctrine reminds us that all creatures evolved from a single point and that they all carry the memory of the common root, that we all were once a single whole. This memory is rooted in us all like an echo of the original state (that is what sounds so majestically) and explains the desire of all people to unite with each other.

By Natalia Tsimbler
Translation by Daniel Tsimbler