Three Vajras


Bodhisattva Manjushri belongs to the family of the Beautiful Gods. Soft, calm light emanates from him, absorbing all desires. Manjushri’s appearance is magnificent and shining. His fiery sword of wisdom is a sword of deliverance, not destruction, a sword that cuts the fetters, releasing the Great Void from which then the Shining Gods arise. Manjushri is the leader of the army of Shining Gods and is also their elder. He sits on the lotus throne, because the Beautiful Deities are born in the iridescent glow of the practitioners’ hearts. His…read more


Yellow Buddha Ratnasambhava

Energy of Ratnasambhava is in Spleen. An Immeasurable Feeling – Patience. The fundamental teaching – of Death. Buddha Ratnasambhava is the Buddha who occupies a central position in many mandalas as it symbolizes the Earth element – the central element. His Immeasurable Feeling is Patience. He has the character of detached philosopher, cemetery ascetic. He may be depicted decorated with jewels, but precisely because these jewels are the result of detachment from worldly thinking and lifestyle. He expresses the energy of taking the knowledge of Death as a guide for…read more