Three Vajras

White Tara

The White Tara expresses the energy of the bladder. The Immeasurable Feeling, inherent in it, is Compassion. Her fundamental doctrine is the Five Skandhas. The White Tara has regal character. She is depicted with the royal crown, long hair and rich ornaments. She has seven eyes (portrayed is a third eye, plus two on the palms and two on the soles of her feet – symbols of the Five Skandhas) – she sees the emptiness of the five groups of attachment that allow you to eliminate the Five Hindrances in practice. In her right…read more

Sadhana of Zombidakini

By Vladimir Pyatsky Translation by: Helga Ivars Anderes Von Krauzinsh Ocean, surpassing the forms of the Pure Consciousness, Indifferent to bliss and suffering, Containing the experiences of clarity, bliss and silence of the mind! I have nothing to tell You, For I cannot labor under delusion about You any longer, As I am – Your speech. I cannot worship You And cannot avoid You, As I am -Your sight. I cannot meet You And cannot part with You As I am – Your heart. Such is the practice of Zombi…read more