Three Vajras


Bodhisattva Manjushri belongs to the family of the Beautiful Gods. Soft, calm light emanates from him, absorbing all desires. Manjushri’s appearance is magnificent and shining. His fiery sword of wisdom is a sword of deliverance, not destruction, a sword that cuts the fetters, releasing the Great Void from which then the Shining Gods arise. Manjushri is the leader of the army of Shining Gods and is also their elder. He sits on the lotus throne, because the Beautiful Deities are born in the iridescent glow of the practitioners’ hearts. His…read more


Five types (families) of practitioners

Ratna family (the Yellow Buddha and Tara family) Representatives of the Ratna family are more prone to creativity. It is sufficient for them to obtain common principles of the Teaching and let the very creative process supplement and remake it in their own way. “Ratnas” preserve the basics of the Teaching but bring in their originality. If “ratnas” would be demanded to follow instructions precisely – then their creative potential diminish, because such an approach leads to a conflict with their nature of mind. So, while teaching the ratna family,…read more


The White Tara Sadhana (Practice of contraction and expansion)

In the beginning of the practice we learn to distance and diminish those objects and phenomena which cause suffering and to enlarge and bring closer those objects and phenomena which are desirable for us. By enlarging and bringing phenomena closer we increase the clarity of their perception. We then learn to contract objects to the size of a point and to expand them to the size of universe. Exercise: In our heart we visualize a star-like spot of bright white-and-pale-blue light. It has a size of the tip of a…read more