Three Vajras

Lesson 12 – The stomach

The stomach in our body occupies a central position and is not accidental, because a nutritious essence is formed in it.  He takes food, splits it with juices of the pancreas and, further, in the duodenum, with the help of bile.  (Therefore, in the broad sense, the duodenum is called the lower stomach). The stomach is the brain of our torso, giving commands to all other organs for the timely supply of a substance. So  many different foods gets to the stomach & each must exactly pick the right substance…read more

The Sun and Moon Sadhana

The problem we work with in this sadhana is the problem of directing and containing sexual energy. Sexual relationships are an acute problem for those who practice Dharma. When we consider the flow of sexual energy, we may say that a process of polarization is taking place resulting in tension between two poles: the left and the right, the female and the male. In order to compensate that which is not compensated between the left and the right, an individual seeks for an outer source, i.e. for a partner. An…read more


Red Tara

Red Tara expresses the energy of the stomach. An Infinite Feeling of Red Tara is Benevolence Her fundamental teaching is of the Five Hindrances The nature of Red Tara is dynamic. She is depicted dancing, or in an angry posture with sharp teeth, with hair standing on end, with angry attributes – skulls, dagger. She covers the entire cycle of energy and is its mistress – she  sets it in motion (stomach receives energy of food). Her Infinite Feeling is Benevolence. The correct form of Benevolence toward all sentient beings…read more