Three Vajras

Lesson 11 – The thin intestines and irregular yantra (An Irregular yantra is yantra too)

The thin intestines is located around the navel in the abdomen.   Absorption to the blood the nutrients from gastric digestion occurs in the thin intestines. This is the longest organ of all existing (6-7 m.). There is no exact location in the cavity of the abdomen for its parts, and for each creature it fits in its own way like a coiled serpent.  The walls of the intestinal hose are covered with a multitude of tube-sticks, through which the absorption of nutrients takes place. Therefore, its cross sectionis the main form of the intestine, which has the structure of the blobs. …read more

Green Tara

Green Tara expresses the energy of the small intestine. Her key Immeasurable Feeling is Joy. Her main doctrine – about the Six Realms of Existence. Joy is the only infinite emotion that all beings want to feel. Its uniqueness is universal: all beings want to be happy. No creature we meet wants to be sad and scared. Meditating on the feeling of joy, we must understand that this feeling is something much more than external reasons that we usually associate with it. It is necessary to study its absolute nature that expresses…read more