Three Vajras

How Desire results in Ill Will and Suffering

There are a lot of consequences to having desire. The greater the desire – the heavier the consequences. Desire always results in disappointment (whether you get the desired thing or not), therefore resulting in anger and ill-will towards oneself or others, so having desire is bad, but most Dharma practitioners probably already know that. But how does it all happen and how does it come together? Often, when we have desire, but do not get what we wanted, we would become disappointed. What happens if we do get what we…read more

Mandala of the Pure Lands

The picture I drew below is called Mandala of the Pure Lands. There are five elements in this mandala. The mountain, river, lake, tree and the house. All five elements correspond to five feelings. What are the Five Feelings? The Five Feelings are: Mountain = Compassion River = Joy Lake = Peacefulness Tree = Giving House = Loving Kindness The first element is a mountain which represents compassion. It represents compassion because it has caves for people and animals to live and hide in case of a great need. The…read more