Three Vajras

Lesson 7 – Square and divine palace

The square and rectangles are stable, counterbalancing and accumulating figures of yantra.  These qualities  give the square such a wide range of applications in our daily life.  The majority of designs are based on the geometry of  a square: houses, land breakdown, storage boxes, furniture … These  are elements of our outer mandala, which are the material embodiment of the inclinations of our mind.  What is  in our corporeal world shows memory structure for healthy existence  and mental forces? Among the internal organs of the human body, it is, first…read more

Green Buddha Amoghasiddhi

Amoghasiddhi expresses the energy of the liver. His key Immeasurable Feeling – Gratitude. His main teaching – Karma. An Immeasurable Feeling of the Green Buddha – Gratitude – is the foundation for successful action in life. Therefore, when we talk about the Green Buddha – we are talking about the Buddha of Perfect Actions. Gratitude shows us the unmistakable direction for the right way forward. Appearance of the Green Buddha: he is a warrior by nature of his power, military commander. He leads the troops of our skills, combines them…read more