Sadhana of Zombidakini

By Vladimir Pyatsky
Translation by: Helga Ivars Anderes Von Krauzinsh

Ocean, surpassing the forms of the Pure Consciousness,
Indifferent to bliss and suffering,
Containing the experiences of clarity, bliss and silence of the mind!
I have nothing to tell You,
For I cannot labor under delusion about You any longer,
As I am – Your speech.
I cannot worship You
And cannot avoid You,
As I am -Your sight.
I cannot meet You
And cannot part with You
As I am – Your heart.
Such is the practice of Zombi Dakini.

Blessed Zombi Dakini! I worship You,
The one sitting on the back of a black scorpion,
The huge tail of which is hanging over You like an umbrella.
You carry a red scorpion on your head like a helmet,
Actualizing the unity of
Maternal light and light-descendant.
You ride on the Maternal Light
Like a free rider.
The light-descendant shows the sublimity of Your thoughts.
On the back of the scorpion is You, the one who has restrained the
excitation of sufferings.
In the helmet of scorpion is You, the one who has surpassed the excitation
of distraction.
I worship you, the great Pilgrim,
Who was initiated on nine cemeterial mounts.

You have realized that the whole samsara
Is the consequence of stings of the two scorpions:
The red scorpion stings into the head and causes
Hallucinations of birth and death;
The black scorpion stings into the solar plexus and causes
Convulsions of faith into the real world.
Resistant to poison, You look at your own manifestation
Through half-closed eyelids.
In six hands You hold the bodies of the six bardos.
These bodies become a handful of treasures in your hands.
You put cold and shivering of samsara
Into bright glitter of precious stones’ faces,
Shining with rainbows of awakening from the dream of ignorance.

1. Bardo of Life
Having appeared in the body of human birth,
I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Daemons of Malevolence suffer from blindness,
They don’t see the consequences of their own strives and actions.
Daemons of Stagnancy suffer from deafness,
They are not able to perceive Speech.
Daemons of Anxiety suffer from insanity,
Their brain is in a deep and heavy dream of delusion.
Daemons of Greed suffer from dumbness –
They are not able to command their will-speech,
And only mumble pitifully, complaining about their life.
Daemons of Doubt suffer from vulnerability –
They are grazed from their skin.
So let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of Malevolence!
I offer you my liver,
It is its strength that nourishes the eyes
And is the treasure of determination.
So let you, having recovered your eyesight, cease
All bad actions – inner and outer!
Detached from them like from an abyss,
You feel your stability again,
Like a man who has stumbled but managed to regain his equilibrium.

Daemons of Stagnancy!
I offer you my kidneys,
As their strength nourishes hearing
And is the treasure of understanding.
Even if You were insensible like stones,
Now your mind hears speeches of Dharma
And relishes the understanding
Like a man who was freezing on cold wind,
Entered shelter and is warming near fire!

Daemons of Anxiety!
I offer you my lungs,
Treasures of energy and life.
When my lungs fill you with their strength
Your brain – that feeble delirium – will subside,
The mind will be cleared from the stagnant smell of delusions
Like a room where fresh air was let in
This is how deep, blissful repose appears.

Daemons of Greed!
I offer You my spleen and pancreas.
It is them that empower our will and inner speech,
Fill us with happiness and desire to live
(empower the stomach energy)
And are the treasure of the mind non-diversion.
Their strength guides you through
Swamps of lust and sadness.
It appears that you can command
The states of the mind and desires
The same way like an ordinary man Commands his hands and legs.
This is the path of good accumulations!

Daemons of Doubts!
I offer you my heart and pericardium.
Put them on, like skin
That can defend you from sufferings:
From cold, heat, drought, and humidity,
Pain and decay.
Feel yourself like an infant on it’s mothers chest ,
Surrounded by loving warm breath;
Abide blissfully
In your natural state!

Having given away the treasures of liveliness of my body
I reside in adamantine understanding of
The emptiness of my body (form).
Like a thief in an empty house
Sufferings cannot find the means of their expression
In the infinite emptiness,
Where there is nobody who would stand against them
And nothing that could become their pray-support.
This understanding, is neither appearing nor disappearing,
Neither increasing nor decreasing
Neither nearing nor going away
Like a meeting of old friends –
The Mind and the Insight.
Let the good be!

2. Bardo of Dying
Appearing in the bardo of dying in the body-breath
of consciousness transfer,
In the mind, like endless heaven,
I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Daemons of Malevolence
Experience the suffering of falling into lower realms,
That open under them like an abyss.
Daemons of Stagnancy experience the sufferings
Of inner heaviness that squashes their bodies,
Also it seems to them that they are
buried under stones and excrements.
Daemons of Anxiety experience dizziness,
With flickering memories and rushing thoughts,
that bring to hysteria and drive mad.
Daemons of Greed suffer from faintness,
аsthenia, nausea, flabbiness, limpness of body.
Daemons of Doubt suffer from constant
and sharp forms of pain.
So let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of malevolence!
I offer you the ascending wind of my speech
and intentions (udana).
It does not let you fall into lower spheres.
Hovering in the skies like birds
Feel honorable lightness
Of the Pure mind filled with joyful,
releasing from rush remorse!

Daemons of stagnancy!
I offer you the wind of excrements (apana)
Bringing release from sufferings to the whole body.
Enjoying the fullness of bliss
In the lower body,
With calmness of emptiness and
satisfaction in the upper part of the body,
Let you understand your own form
As pure game of illusion.

Daemons of anxiety!
I offer you the wind that supports life (vyana).
This wind, flowing down like
aromatic oil from the top of the head,
Brings blessing.
It will release you from painful dizziness,
And now you will rest in blissful and clear calmness.

Daemons of greed!
I offer you the wind accompanying
the digesting fire (samana).
Now you, enjoying inner strength,
will stop the unconscious state of involvement
in samsaric passions.
Chains of darkened lust burn out,
becoming an illusory form of ash and cinder.
Cognize your own mind free like heat of fire
Unbounded, ecstatic.

Daemons of doubt!
I offer you wind spreading in the channels (prana).
Reaching every corner of the body,
It eliminates sharp and dull pains,
Wherever it is.
I present you with the liveliness itself,
Spreading from the heart in hundred
Be in joy! (may you live in joy)!

Having given away the winds of my own body
of consciousness transfer,
I reside in non-occurrence of sufferings.
I contemplate all samsara as pure space,
That does not have its own essence
Or roots (sanskaras).
Consciousness transfer happens outside of
efforts of two kinds:
The effort of holding and the effort of moving.
Know! What is to be moved,
Is like echo from the sound of a tree falling in
an empty autumn forest.
One cannot run into it, it cannot be picked up,
But it reveals itself thanks to
Not-leaving from the nature of the mind.
Let the good be!

3. Bardo of Luminosity
Appearing in the rainbow-colored
body of luminosity,
I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Perception of daemons of malevolence
are distorted by delirium,
Similar to a midnight nightmare .
The inner suffering distorts their forms.
Daemons of stagnancy do not perceive
the light in them and around them,
They move like ghosts, like empty shells in sea.
But at the same time they feel vague uneasiness.
Daemons of anxiety suffer from the brightness of light,
They try to calm down all the time with the help of outer means,
But as the result they only rush about in emptiness.
Daemons of greed try to grasp luminosity,
Make it stable,
But they only experience eluding of happiness.
They seem free, but their limp limbs and body
are tied with binds of nervous excitation.
Daemons of doubt are tensed up to the condition
of aversion and pain.
Let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of malevolence!
I offer you the green luminosity
of my rainbow body,
Jade hooks of compassion.
This green light merges in the dimness
and darkness of delirium,
Consisting of envy and aversion,
And retrieves from it,
amazed with its own awareness,
the mind-prana (owning the siddhas of the Path).
Healing your digestive system,
You unite liveliness and calmness.

Daemons of stagnancy!
I offer you my black light.
Doubling as black irises,
It gives you the sense of Presence
And reveals its compassionate attention to you.
Having understood the unity of your mind
and close attention of the Presence,
you possess the fullness of Knowledge
and non-attachment!
Let your lymphatic system and
whole body get released from sufferings!

Daemons of anxiety!
I present you my light-coloured
burning-cold white light,
Like snow cover, clearing
And warming the earth.
Residing in the absolute calm
confidence of the white light,
Cognize the rapture of unity of virtue and wisdom.
Generate to Acceptance of Shelter in
the Three Treasures in yourself!
Let your nervous system become strong
and your breathing – serene!
Let your heart fill with noble happiness of freedom!

Daemons of greed!
I offer you golden-yellow luminosity
of my rainbow-colored body
Similar to golden dust, swirling in
clean, dry silence of a cave;
Every golden dust is like a tiny dagger-lightening.
Like a diamond cuts glass,
Clear yellow light of a rainbow body
Cuts the desire of possession and the fear of loss.
However dense and strong they seem,
the ties of nervous excitation and
weakness connected with it
For the yellow luminosity they are
like butter for a knife.
Let your bodies cure from all disorders,
connected to secretion and excretion of excrements
(faeces, urine and sweat),
But let the mind reside in
the supreme achievement – satisfaction!

Daemons of doubt!
I present you with the red luminosity
of my rainbow-like body.
It, like a massive tree trunk,
Supports all existence.
All body channels widen and
become passable for the inner bliss,
You feel the emptiness even inside
your body hair on the skin.
Grudges grow pale and disappear in this majestic light.
The sufferings of vulnerability are like old tree bark,
Which peels off of the widened channels.
Let your blood vascular system fill
your whole body with bliss!

Having given away all luminosities
of my rainbow body,
I abide in the transparency of mind
not limited with form.
This amazing transparency
Cognizes itself not relying on ideas of space and time.
The idea of space is nothing more
than crudeness of perception.
And time is nothing more than
primitive constructing of the felling of I.
You do not need to illuminate the Sun with a candle;
Also you do not need to cognize this self-aware transparency.
Using outer luminosity.
Self-awareness manifests itself independently.
Let the good be!

4. Bardo of a New Birth
(wandering among lives)
Appearing in the bardo of wandering and confusion,
I possess a fiery body of will
And I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Daemons of malevolence suffer,
Feeling how they are being beheaded
Or how their heads suffer from various injuries.
Daemons of stagnancy experience, how their legs
are being torn away
Or the legs feel pain or suffer from being tyied
and from stumbling.
Daemons of аnxiety experience visions,
In which they are deprived of arms
or their strength and bliss.
Daemons of greed feel,
How their genitals are being cut off,
Or they experience different external and internal tortures,
Connected to these organs.
Daemons of doubt feel experience how they are being cut in halves and
how their bodies are being pierced.
So let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of malevolence!
I offer you my head,
free from obscureness, envy, anger, and fear.
As if emerging on the surface
Of samsara in the world of Brahma,
Having breathed in vital air through the holes of the head.
Experience real commiseration to all living beings!

Daemons of stagnancy!
I offer you my legs,
Light and strong, carrying you like a wind.
Restrain the wind, wrapping and squeezing
it between your legs,
Like a rider bridles a horse,
Travel to the worlds of gods!
Freedom from attachments and aversions
You will feel on this path.

Daemons of аnxiety!
I offer you my hands,
Strong and skillful.
Feel infinite curing power,
Filling them,
Blessing all, who you touch.
Merge with the stream of good actions,
Following the Path of Nags.

Daemons of greed!
I offer you my blissful genitals
Filled with confidence and knowledge of an unborn mind.
Feel how your bliss
like an ocean,
Fills the whole world with itself!
Enter the world of people full of friendliness!

Daemons of doubt!
I offer you my body trunk
Hollow like a boat for crossing,
On which you can cross sufferings of the lower worlds.
In this boat, daemons, your mind will feel itself Buddha,
Whose body is filled with silence similar to thunder.
Feel sudden awakening,
Clear and unblemished!

Having given away all parts of my fiery body,
I abide in vardjna dwell of
stopping delusions,
Not treading on the path of wandering.
Like a wick put in oil
The Mind abiding in this dwelling
Burns without burning down,
understands without feeling ternary thirst.
Let the good be!

5. Bardo of Dreaming
Appearing in the bardo of dreams in the body-reflection,
I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Daemons of malevolence do not understand
the illusiveness of events and their own manifestation.
Wanting happiness and freedom like all living beings,
They nevertheless are involved in the current of pointless
and unskillful actions,
Which construct suffering.
Daemons of stagnancy do not recognize self-released nature of
Manifested in dreams lovers,
From which they receive either mutuality or rejection,
Wandering in the maze of their own imagination.
Daemons of anxiety are busy with the image of their own bodies,
Believing that it is the manifestation of wakefulness.
But when in the body of dreams magic traits appear,
Daemons believe that they achieved siddhi,
and only aggravate attachments.
Daemons of greed see other beings they would like to control,
And complain and become angry for their disobedience.
But if other beings fulfill their wishes
Daemons of anxiety experience false feeling of happiness,
Like happiness of a thief,
Steeling from his own home.
Daemons of doubt seek support from their ancestors,
Instead of embracing them with loving warmth.
They see the roots of their liveliness,
But instead of nourishing them, they
Try to pull them out of the earth of awakening
With their annoying mundane requests.
Let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of malevolence!
You fight for freedom and for possessing
the best imaginable, with yourselves.
I offer you the recognition of the perfect place –
rainbow-like emptiness of my mind
And the best of all times – the silence of inner calmness.
In this place and at this time there is nothing that could be united (by the
imagination of the space)
Or separate (by imagining the time flow).
I offer you with these gifts together with my ears!
Recognizing them you will stop the sufferings of despondency.
Take the path of the Teaching Decidedly!

Daemons of stagnancy!
Lovers in dreams –
This is empty basis of dreamy state,
Self- Free from claims to possession of form,
As a lotus from dirt.
Learn that bodies of your lovers – are
Blissful emptiness of the right channel of the body.
I offer You with this insight,
Blissful, full of trust and tenderness,
together with my eyes!
Having recognized with this recognition
the nature of your own mind,
So, acquire heavenly wisdom of
Untying the knots of forms!

Daemons of anxiety!
I gladly You Recognition of emptiness of your own bodies,
This perfect chariot of release.
This marvelous chariot is adorned with siddhas
Like with colorful ribbons.
Feel yourselves tsars who possess the desired treasure!
Know Learn that this treasure is nothing else but the emptiness of the left
channel of the body.
It is the treasure of recognition that stops the wandering of the mind,
I offer it to you together with my nose!
Become free from clinging and fixation on fakes created by samsara!

Daemons of greed!
I offer you with the ability to recognize all beings as your children,
Seeing in them your continuation and your support.
This way You will feel yourselves Brahmans
And giving to the whole world,
Enjoying identification with the world,
You will spontaneously acquire shelter at the feet of Buddha.
And when you see that your dreams come true,
You feel them as gifts,
Which you bring to these Feet.
This recognition I present you together with my skin!

Daemons of doubt!
I offer you with perfect, unsullied recognition of
Ancestors – Heaven and Earth (upper and lower jaws).
Recognizing in your ancestors the roots of your lives (teeth),
You will fill with your energy of peace and joy
The channels of your body.

This way you will acquire
the spontaneous awakening in the womb of Dakini.
I offer you with this recognition together with my mouth (including the
throat, the tongue and the lips)!
Having given away the abilities of recognition
I abode in natural connection with all beings
Like with manifestations of my own mind.
I recognize myself as the emptiness of the Wheel of the Six Worlds,
I enter karma.
Let the good be!

6. Bardo of Deep Contemplation
Appearing in the bardo of deep contemplation
I possess the body of the inner voice
And I meet five families: daemons of Malevolence,
Stagnancy, Anxiety, Greed, and Doubt.
Daemons of malevolence
Being under the influence of residual impressions,
Suffer from consciousness fading like sanded coals.
Daemons of stagnancy
Like a swollen drowned,
Move in the current of the mind
Their mouths open, their views frozen from terror .
Sometimes it seems that they are laughing but in fact –
This is the waves swinging the lifeless bodies.
Daemons of anxiety,
Are like people to whom frightful voices and phantoms seem,
They rush about, checking if their shelter is secure enough,
But it becomes prison,
In which the bars on windows are desires,
And the locks on door are hopes.
Daemons of greed,
Clinging to another beings,
Seeing non-existent appeal in samsara
Impatient, hoping and angry.
They suffer from obscurity.
They give the power of their mind to outside objects.
Then, knowing the variability of objects,
Complaining and looking around, stunned,
Like a robbed person,
They suffer from obscurity.
Daemons of doubt,
Speaking unstoppably, trying to scream to
nonexistent interlocutor,
Suffer like a man scratching his own face
hoping to cling to it like to a branch above an abyss,
Let me develop infinite compassion!

Daemons of malevolence!
I give you the awareness of residual impressions,
That heal wounds.
In this awareness you find a noble Friend-healer,
Coming to you from your own mind.
Amazing! One having lost one’s roots, envy
and desire for supremacy,
Become Heaven and Earth, the healer and the remedy.

Daemons of stagnancy!
I gift you the awareness of contractedness of the thoughts flow.
Interrupt your involvement!
In this awareness you will acquire Emptiness,
Surpassing the limits of form.
This meeting is the nature of your mind;
This is how you understand that Secret Spouses, –
Dakini and Daki –appear from space
of ceasing of constructing the feeling of I.

Daemons of anxiety!
I present you with the awareness
the illusiveness of perceptions,
Similar to heavenly palaces.
Thanks to this awareness You undoubtedly will see
that your own feelings
Are your mighty Friends – Protectors,
Supporting you on the difficult path of Samsara.

Daemons of greed!
I present you with awareness of the emptiness of the world of forms,
Releasing you from attachment and aversion.
How rich you are in this understanding!
Like an ocean possessing the art of transformation
In the infinite changing of waves,
The same is your mind
Dressed in the discerning the emptiness of forms.
This awareness becomes your Friend – protector,
Who, being distracted, is near you.

Daemons of doubt!
I present you the awareness of wisdom of natural state.
This awareness to which you need nothing to add
And from which it is impossible to take anything away
Is indivisible blessing of all beings.
So Acquire a Friend- mentor in it!
Having given away all types of deep enlightenment ,
I abide there where I should be,
Not leaving my abode in the hearts of all leaving beings.
Continuing good savings with satisfaction,
I feel deep happiness from the meeting
with buddhas and dakinis of all families.
Let the good be!

Let the ignorant turn away from evil,
Let the week strengthen on the path of truth and good,
Let the worthy gain acquire the freedom of giving.
I accept the Shelter in Guru,
Perfect abode of Three treasures:
The Mind of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.