Red Tara

  • The Red Tara expresses the energy of the stomach.
  • The Infinite Feeling of the Red Tara is Benevolence.
  • Her fundamental teaching is about the Five Hindrances.

The nature of the Red Tara is dynamic. She is depicted dancing, or in an angry posture with sharp teethhair standing on end and angry attributes like skulls and dagger. She covers the entire cycle of energy and as its mistress, she sets it in motion (stomach receives energy of food).

Her Infinite Feeling is Benevolence. The correct form of Benevolence towards all sentient beings is wanting them to wake up from the nightmare of ignorance. Therefore, the Red Tara is the awakening Dakini. She awakens the living beings from Samsara’s nightmares. She is characterized by spontaneity. When a disciple understands that all the nightmares are dreams of Samsara, they experience liberation, lightness, and a sense of relief. The strength of the stomach (hunger) awakens the person from sleep. This hunger is the thirst for Learning.

Red Tara helps to overcome the Five Hindrances (which are five types of dreams of Samsara) on our Path to enlightenment:

  1. Greed/sensuous greed
  2. Stagnancy
  3. Ill will
  4. Anxiety and torment
  5. Doubt

The Five Hindrances are unskillful qualities of the mind, leading to sinking into the Lower Realms. The Hindrances must be suppressed by the means of purifying the consciousness. Their root is in the “I”, therefore skillful action will be cutting off the feeling of “I”.

The correct antidotes for the Five Hindrances:

  1. For Greed -> Giving
  2. For Stagnancy -> Renunciation
  3. For Ill will -> Gratitude
  4. For Anxiety and torment -> Loving kindness
  5. For Doubt -> Patience

Developing these good qualities will suppress those Hindrances in practice.

By Natalia Tsimbler
Translation by Daniel Tsimbler