Red Buddha Amitabha

  • Amitabha expresses the energy of the heart.
  • His Infinite Feeling is Giving.
  • His main teaching is about the Nature of Mind.

He expresses the principle of the integrity of consciousness, that is, he shows us that the Nature of the Mind is integral and not designed. The Nature of Mind does not emerge or disappear; is not reduced or increased; is not existent or non-existent.

Amitabha is contemplated as a 16-year-old, in freely-fitting rich clothes. He is often depicted in the free position, like he is feasting. Human consciousness is pulled towards pleasures and this leads to frustration and suffering. But the Nature of the Mind itself possesses qualities of clarity, bliss and non-effort. This is indicated by the appearance of Amitabha. He expresses the energy of the eternal feast of Dharma and is depicted with a cup in his hand, which means Giving, as well as the correct inebriation by the Nature of Mind (people choose what they want to be inebriated with – sadness, fear, anguish, or the Nature of Mind, the Dharma, joy of Giving). From Giving comes bliss. Amitabha does not deter anything. Since the Nature of the Mind is not constructed, it does not deter anything. The construction process itself is, in fact, an attempt to hold something. Amitabha does not try to deter, and therefore the whole world is his radiance. This is the energy of the heart.

By Natalia Tsimbler