Bodhisattva Manjushri belongs to the family of the Beautiful Gods. Soft, calm light emanates from him, absorbing all desires. Manjushri’s appearance is magnificent and shining.

His fiery sword of wisdom is a sword of deliverance, not destruction, a sword that cuts the fetters, releasing the Great Void from which then the Shining Gods arise. Manjushri is the leader of the army of Shining Gods and is also their elder.

He sits on the lotus throne, because the Beautiful Deities are born in the iridescent glow of the practitioners’ hearts.

His mantra, which cuts the bonds like a sword, is pure and sonorous, sounding like a sword – “Om ara paza nadi”.

In order for the sound to be able to liberate, it has to be clean and ringing (in the spiritual aspect) and it has to be austere. Manjushri is a philosopher and an ascetic. His ascetical clothes are like overtones, supporting, not suppressing the sound of his sword.

His body is of golden color; this expresses the energy of spleen and pancreas, the earth element, its strength and invincibility. Anahata chakra (the heart chakra) is the chakra of the Invincible Sound.

Natalia Tsimbler