Mandala of the Pure Lands

The picture I drew below is called Mandala of the Pure Lands. There are five elements in this mandala. The mountain, river, lake, tree and the house. All five elements correspond to five feelings.
"Mandala of the Pure Lands" by Benny Tsimbler

“Mandala of the Pure Lands” by Benny Tsimbler

What are the Five Feelings?
The Five Feelings are:
  • Mountain = Compassion
  • River = Joy
  • Lake = Peacefulness
  • Tree = Giving
  • House = Loving Kindness
The first element is a mountain which represents compassion. It represents compassion because it has caves for people and animals to live and hide in case of a great need.
The second element is the river and that is joy because it runs happily and its waters are pure. There is great joy in the opportunity to learn and be taught Dharma.
The third element is the peaceful lake. One should, too, be peaceful as a lake, because even if there is a storm on the surface of the lake, it remains very calm in its depths.
The fourth element is the tree, that represents giving because the tree gives you its fruit without asking for anything back.
The fifth and the last element is the house and this is loving kindness because you are loved in your home.
The main theme of this lesson is that you should practice developing those feelings that you’ve just learned about.
Text and drawing by: Benny Tsimbler (11 years old)