Immeasurable Feelings

Author: Vladimir Pyatsky
Translated by: Helga Ivars Anderes Von Krauzinsh

1. Winds
Winds set in motion waters,
Waters nourish life and devour it.
That is why winds all that govern,
What, moving in the wheel of samsara,
To happiness strives, but gains hardship.
There are ill winds and winds of happiness.
In beings, among themselves, they throw dices.
Rushes the mind, not knowing the fate.
On thousand things beings their hopes lay,
Only to find security for themselves.
To thousand things the mind resorts,
To requests & to tricks, to the quest for strength;
In blind faith seeks the mind salvation,
But in these attempts it only loses its firmness.
The winds live according to their own laws.
Tricks for them are like wood for fire;
Their strength with a flatterer they do not share,
They bring faith and destroy it themselves.
The winds are harsh; they follow only their own will,
But there is a fascinating time of their softness.
At this time they, like new-born kittens,
Abide close to the heart,
Cling to warmth, as if to their cat-mother.
Winds we perceive in the form of emotions, feelings.
“I feel this”, – speculates the mind,
Feelings like beads the mind thimbles,
With every motion strengthening the trust in “itself”,
And overlooking, that the essence of feelings is empty.
Feelings are winds, yogis can
Fill them with warmth, soften them with artlessness.
This warmth and soft artlessness
Winds carry, setting the mind in motion.
Using this inviolable law,
Show your firmness in incessant assiduity.
Endow your winds with soft features,
Leading to happiness through secure way.
Know: on this way you will definitely meet
Your awakened mind…

2. Gratitude
Gratitude – is the beginning of the Path,
And the example for all Immeasurable feelings,
In three forms it should be developed:
As the Basis, as the Path, and as the Fulfillment.
Pure is gratitude – the Basis,
Free from thoughts about benefit,
Follows the way, not along it,
Your memory it enlightens.
Any part of that, which You know,
As “i” – was not born by you.
You were served with food, given the body,
Shared with communication, endowed with Word
It’s primitive to think of life:
“I have gained this, I’ve become myself”.
A master and a servant – are only shadows,
Just waves in the current of the mind.
A victor – is the food of victory,
An owner – an appendix of wealth.
Look, only a piece of smoke you hold,
And shout: “Here are my deeds!”
Everything was gained once,
Once, everything was given away,
Nothing will be one’s forever,
Everything only continues through you its way.
It is your choice – to take possessing
For achievement in this hostile world,
Or state gratitude
As the basis of self – cognition.
Studying yourself, you always recall
Those to whom you are grateful.
Without them — there you don’t exist, you are – a gift
Granted by gratefulness to yourself!
Gratitude is God, the Almighty –
The Mind, creating the field of consciousness.
Perfected will of God –
Is the power of memory, adherent!
* * *
The Gratitude of the Path — is wonderful,
In it abides the will to act,
Setting you to good,
Leading you away from dangerous desires.
Having got lost in the woods of desires,
Suddenly, you will see the footpath to home,
This is — the Path-Gratitude,
The Path of salvation from sufferings.
If you don’t know what to do,
Just remember about gratitude.
It will reveal the purpose of actions,
It will show, where to put your efforts.
* * *
You practice diligently, earnestly,
And strong like an elephant becomes your mind.
Fear and hope do not rule you –
This is the amazing Fruit of Gratitude.
Gratitude you carry in your thoughts,
Having spat out the gum of dismay.
Being Grateful, you part
With mood clammy and dull.
They can’t be together –
Darkness with light, gratitude with sadness.
You see for what you are grateful,
And you are happy with your fate.
If to talk about the Doctrine,
It is — the most amazing of all things.
Gratitude for meeting with knowledge is
Both natural and beneficial.
Having experienced Gratitude, to Joy you ascend,
What can be easier – there is no grudge – there is Joy.

3. Joy
Joy – is a string of creativeness.
Be devoted to knowledge, tune the string correctly.
If you restring it, the consciousness
Will be hasty, timid as a deer.
If you do not tune the string properly —
It rattles, sighs lustily.
The sound of consciousness – is the weapon of siddhis,
Those who are negligent — it strikes.
In joy you meet the harshness of the wind.
Remember: amiability – is the highest luxury!
A rough thread tears – you know it,
Understand then, with rudeness consciousness you interrupt!
* * *
Developing genuine joy,
Step on the path of purification.
Do not encourage hope and fear,
Do not be at enmity neither with mind, nor with the world.
Purification of joy, efforts of life,
Can also be different, triple.
The Basis, the Path and the Fruit are gifts of strength –
These are the landmarks of the path of spiritual attainment.
* * *
In Joy to find the Basis –
Is the first phase of purification.
Over and over again the joy appears
From recognition, the original stir of the heart.
Recognition — is the pillar of initiation.
I will explain it especially.
Usually, the mind is crammed with guests –
These guests — are various images of happiness.
They make noise, sometimes fight,
Clamor like birds, anticipating misfortune.
No rest can be found on that noisy gathering –
Being intoxicated, you feel you are too
The part of the feast –
How naive!..
But now blows the wind of sufferings –
All guests have gone out of sight,
As if they have not been near at all!…
The guest room is forlorn,
The tablecloth is stained, the floor is dirty –
At them you gloomily stare.
Do not be sad in this moment,
Do not try
To return your guests;
Do not mourn the past!
See clearly, make no delay:
“Here is my mind,
Which has found itself!”
Grow to like the sense of your deserted guest room,
Grow to like sobering cleaning.
In this moment before you is – the Recognition.
Even dust on shelves is precious!
Your mind you will recognize unmistakably,
Without overestimation you see its actions;
The spring of joy is – stability.
Stop babbling and you will hear yourself.
At first your stability
You do not appreciate, disappointed, in it
Only hard labour you see,
But then freedom of the one
Who the house cleans
You comprehend.
What for guests contemptible is,
What for them – a boredom of tiresome routine —
For you – the basis of stability is,
Strong arms of Recognition.
The spirit of recognition — is a calm spring,
Clean it from fallen leaves –
From guest-thoughts, gone without a vestige;
Drink from it and become a Real!
The transparent image of recognition
Is not stained with passions, desires.
Not captured by disgust,
Not divided in different parts.
If there is no recognition,
The light of eyes dies out, happiness melts away.
The source of joy is only in consciousness,
The outer joy – runs out.
Nothing is reliable in the world,
A desire — is a dream of deception;
But the Joy from recognition
Always remains.
When you will recognize joy,
Rudeness could not abide in it.
Patriarchs you will meet
In the recognition – the threshold of Heaven.
The mind, a friend to itself,
Frolics like a playful puppy.
Joy – is the best of all activities,
With it it is even easy to scavenge in rubbish.
* * *
The Path of Joy — is like gates,
By a skillful architect created.
In emptiness they stand, the entrance to them is void,
Here feelings meet emptiness.
From the image of hazy joy,
Recognizing yourself in rapture,
The mind created the needle hole
And with thread itself there enters.
One enters these gates being poor —
And gains wealth.
Siddhis build happiness from wind,
Abandoning slavery of clinging.
Joy – the path — is in every breath,
Comprehend your fortune!
How long will you go begging,
Giving away your mind for sacrifice?
* * *
Joy-the fruit — is bright senility.
It is in your heart from the very beginning.
A flying arrow already has the aim —
The arrow’s flight– is the ordering mind.
Bright senility — is like a witness
Watching from the peak of a mountain,
Everyone born strives to it,
But not every reaches.
Bright senility — means possessing
The fruit of joy, power over passion.
Unborn, indestructible,
Senility — is the mind, which has overgrown happiness.
Great age a wise man respects,
Seeing the fruit of life not in possessions,
But in things that lie beyond the realm
Of passions, ruling the routine.

4. Patience
The third stage — is the stage of patience.
In wolfish midnight, in calpe of doubt —
All the worlds of the universe are born,
Dying for new incarnations.
From doubts the worlds are born,
Not many know about the passage.
Beings in all worlds wonder:
Are we eternal or do we die out?
Thus, in troubling doubts they wonder.
And joy for them – no joy,
The beings themselves destroy,
Throwing the faith like the lot.
But the one owns the passage
Who masters patience.
In the hour of luck and in the hour of loss
A wise man continues his way.
With a handful of truths, like with a handful of food,
Wise men still their hunger,
Tolerating the darkness of ignorance
And the cold of misleading dreams.
Striving to great aim,
For the way wise men enquire.
Where a wise man patiently passes,
Heaven waters with rain of flowers.
In prayer– is the strength of patience.
Having sharpened prayer like a sword,
Strike manacles of worry,
Understanding with blade revealing.
Whether you prayer about the past,
About the future or the present,
It is important to remember: this question – is all powerful.
Prayer only for the best!
Everyday prayer for cognition,
For perfect nature of mind,
For kindness, for cessation of sufferings –
And the mortal world will become the guide.
And illness, and health –
Can equally teach us.
Prayer leads to knowledge,
And its fruits — are unmatched.
There are as many levels of patience,
As there are things in the world.
Praying lay the path,
Vanquish fallacy with strength.
“Not anger, i decide,
When to get angry.
I proclaim myself right,
And let my anger reveal itself.
Thus, the root of impatience,
Is in the feeling of being the right one.
I will leave this habit,
Will heal from this poison.”
When you think this way,
So all levels of patience
Will bring joy to your heart,
Now free from doubt.

5. Calmness
Patience — is the path to calmness.
Where a flower is — a bee flies there.
You cannot deceive your mind with a silly fairy tale –
Through patience lies the path to calmness.
The realm of calmness is desired, is sweet…
Oh, how beautiful the other shore is!
Now here beside quay is a boat –
But the boatmen in it — is fearsome…
The boatman demands payment:
His features do not approve of you –
Smiling toothlessly, he watches
Through empty sockets
At what you carry in your hands…
If your hands are empty,
Silently he chews empty words —
But their meaning is clear to you –
There is no place for you in the boat.
If your hands are unclean —
He smells the scent spots,
It’s scary, and it torments,
As his nostrils are — like pits.
If your hands are full of treasures –
Squeamishly, as rotten rags,
He will brush all the gifts with the palms
And wash his hands in water.
Only hands, carrying the heart,
Contemplates he without a smirk –
And will point a place in the boat…
Thus, from the level of Patience –
You go thou to Сalmness.
* * *
Calmness — is a many-faced king,
And the whole world — is the sign of his power.
Calmness is endless, great,
All winds of happiness serve to it.
A human — is a being with thin skin,
Even caress leaves its vestige on it.
How to find calmness, which resembles so much
Of a fortress, where the mind rests?
Via relinquishing – the gift of heaven,
You can reach peace.
The mind, like a lightening, is arrested —
Until the thunder comes, and the world becomes dew water.
Don’t blame thoughts for restlessness –
They are — waves in a vast ocean of peace.
Don’t cling, as if drowning, to your body,
But support the body with yourself.
Understanding that you are here,
To part with malice and fear,
Turn away from blinding aims,
And you will find peace in present.
If you manage to refuse from abuse —
You will surround yourself with сalmness,
Become friends with wisdom,
Leave deceit, and do a favor to yourself.
The world — is like a mountain, white with age.
In the middle of the way to the peak
Build your home, skillfully.
Return here from wonderings –
Up to the peak –
Comprehending the light,
Down to the valley –
To the illusion of the body.

6. Giving
Having found support in quietude,
Lifting his standard above yourself,
You continue your path of giving.
Awaken. Let the Good be!
The path of giving – is the chariot of deities.
There is no limit to conscience there,
Where you continue the practice of giving.
So master skillful means!
A stone can be a solid support.
A tree knows how to part with its fruit.
Is it possible then, that the one who is free,
Is not able to ever imagine care for the significant?
The mystery of giving – is the uterus of siddhis.
Offering of fruits — is fulfillment of yoga.
What you possess — will always be little.
What you donate – never will lessen.
The giving of body and the acts of body –
Whether we want it or not, we perform it.
We only choose the field of giving,
We decide to whom to give our gifts.
One who is imprisoned by pride, deems:
“ I owe nothing to nobody!”
To the sense of “i” he makes offerings,
Its fruit falls in lower realms.
One who believes that he serves to God,
Can grow a fruit with ternary qualities:
If he in neighbors God sees,
Pure will his service be,
Fruit of his offerings will be splendid.
If he in his heart believes in God,
But makes offerings only to bliss,
This experience has no more value,
Than experience of children, playing on a river.
If he uses his faith as a cudgel,
Being led by rejection,
Such giving already during his life
Will wrap his mind
Into hopeless darkness.
The one who knows the secret of giving —
Performs it without thinking of himself
As of one giving, and sees no merit
In that, his body is engaged in giving.
In the opposite, such an adherent is thankful
To those, who his offerings take.
* * *
The giving of speech – is a subtle action.
The speech is similar to mind, but still it is different;
Often even a wise man leads himself in misbelief,
Offering speech to others.
There is no greater luxury in the world than amiability.
Even if you are angry or offended –
Offer a polite speech — and you will cognize,
That you have saved yourself from the growing pains.
Your speech — is precious and wonderful.
From you the choice depends:
Whether to direct it to giving, or
Use it for gaining escaping profit .
Giving of speech — is a giving of power:
With speech one can impede and one can encourage.
That is why often a wise man keeps silence:
He avoids touching mundane passions with words.
But, even, the giving — is the silence of the wise men.
The wise man offers the calmness with silence.
Silence of a wise man — is visible power,
In silence — passions are subdued, paled.
The giving of the mind – is the practice of Dharma.
Assiduously observing discipline,
Contemplating sufferings, their reasons,
Cessation of reasons, cessation of sufferings,
Comprehending the heavenly fruit of wisdom —
You perform the giving of the mind.
One, who was born, has a choice:
Either to suffer with pointless sorrows,
Or step on the path of studying,
The path of giving, so similar to gratitude.
There is close bond between them:
Gratitude — is the flight of Dharma’s arrow,
Giving – is hitting the aim.
Gratitude, having ripen into pure Joy,
Strengthened with Patience, plunged to Rest,
Turns into the power of Giving.
Further your path lies to the heavenly world,
Avoiding all stages of self-satisfaction.
Benevolence – is mystery Holy Face,
Which you strive with all your heart to see.

7. Benevolence
Friendship — is a treasure in the world of sufferings.
But even greater is friendship in the heavenly world.
A wise detached man, who has his mind comprehended,
Is a friend to people and great gods.
Generously with their friendship grant
Dhakinis and Buddhas all beings in the world.
True adherents follow this spiritual path.
Benevolence, said the Buddha,
Is the power, that can (even during your earthly life),
Raise you to heaven, in the circle of happy beings.
Inscribe these words in your heart,
Keep them there, don’t let them go into oblivion.
These words are more important than the name,
Given to you when you were born.
A name is given to the born body —
Benevolence — is the Name of the mind,
And mind is much more important than body.
Do you wish to find your mind? It is easy –
Seal its name in your heart —
Fill yourself with benevolence –
Do not doubt, your mind will answer.
Neglects this power
A strayed ignorant man, living in dismay.
All beings for him — are like ulcers —
Why wish them good?
But wise men, having cleaned their minds with giving,
Easily ascend to this level:
For them all alive — are vessels of Knowledge,
And the happiness of love finds them everywhere.
Benevolence — is a small piece of coal
In a weak mind, full of thirst.
Passions are ready to trample it,
Doubt extinguishes it, like water.
Nescience is like grey stones —
Only able to take in warmth,
But unable to ignite with a new flame.
But, having ignited with powerful fire,
Intention of good will devour passions,
It will dry them, like wet branches,
And then – capture entirely their nature,
Having strengthened itself with past passions;
Doubts would turn into nourishing food,
Which you will cook on the fire;
Ignorance — will turn into hearth,
Endowing the fire with firm heavenly image.
Having finished the сalpa of malice and wanderings,
Sit near the fire, free adherent!
Know, that you sit beside the fire of Initiation:
From heart to heart, from century to century —
Benevolence — is the Path of those, who have comprehended,
With this path, Buddhas preserve consciousness.
This path will never end —
As it has never started:
Knowledge of siddhis, mind of Adi-Buddha,
Has no end, has no beginning,
The path of initiations, the light of revelations,
Joy for everyone, who seeks victory.
Time itself is not hindrance for him,
Benevolence — is his seed.
Like a seed contains all nature
From which a mighty tree will grow,
Striving to good contains all secrets,
Which those who follow the Path of Initiations
Find out.
Let the Good be! Let the Good be!

8. Confidence
With surprise understand, strong wanderer,
How immense is the will of good.
See it, as a trove discovered,
As your own mind, which ceased to suffer.
Thus, ascending, suddenly pure pride
You will experience. This pride has a special trait:
It endows the mind with acceptance of the world.
This pride — is a support to you,
And for your close people – consolation in sufferings.
Dharma’s pride inspires you,
Often it is called — Confidence.
It will take you on its wave,
And carry you, like a stream carries a boat.
Here you, perfecting spontaneity of actions,
You need to be cautious.
Having ceased to struggle with the river,
Don’t forget to watch for the boat better!
If waters of the felling “i” has filled it —
Work hard with your bail!
Watch rowlocks pins of view,
Watch for paddles – repetitions of sadhana,
This is your boat, the all of it yours –
In it — be the host, not a guest!
There is no point to waste your energy
On two useless actions:
Remembering your sense of “i” – no need,
Distinguishing between “others” and yourself – no need.
Unlimited power will be available
To those, who stops to waste it ridiculously on trifles.
In compassion force itself will become,
After all, in samsara it is no longer what to spend…
Thus, a person in his right mind,
Parts with his image in a mirror without fearHe does nor fear to forget himself;
Communicating with other people —
He is not afraid to interrupt consciousness.
Confidence in Dharma – is a precious path,
It goes through in the nature of consciousness.
Confidence — is a touch of wind,
Which actions like shadows follow.
The form, the speech and the motion of the mind –
In confidence —are inseparable.
Grip on the skandha of bodily traits
Weakens in this spontaneity.
If usually, we are guided by the power of clinging,
Grip with our consciousness the skandha of body traits,
In confidence – we four highest skandhas hold,
Like a bird in our hands – not pressing, but firmly.
A simple mind is like a hand of a baby,
Who, having clenched his fist, sucks the thumb.
A confident mind — is Dharma’s united fist,
Where the thumb — supports all other fingers.
The body is like the thumb –
Either we cling to it childishly,
Or, having clenched the emptiness with skandhas, to our body
We give the role of stiff for travelling in life.

9. Compassion
Confidence — is the way to compassion.
Vitality alloyed with purified passion
Reveals fascinating form of mind:
In heavenly dance yourself you find,
In the dress of nada with beautiful vadjra.
Where compassion is, there wisdom, too, finds place.
Where wisdom is strong — winds soften,
When winds soften — waters purify.
When waters purify — from them
Pure Lands of good accumulations arise.
Let the good be! Let the good be!

10. Guru-Yoga
Now, when I have enunciated the method,
I will explain its most important aspects,
So, that you know, how your winds
Reach softening with every rung.
Hard this process is, but it is the right one,
It the support where
Words are weak.
Winds are changing, but there are bonds,
Which, though invisible at first,
Must be considered while moving ahead.
To happiness good winds lead consciousness,
After consciousness comes the body.
Always the bodily fruit must be considered,
It helps recognizing .
It helps cure illness,
And always enlightens consciousness.
If we practice for the body —
Our practice is not of a great value.
Winds will stumble on the hindrance of body,
And their nature-miracle will again turn rigid.
But if the body will serve as support
In the pure practice, preserving wisdom,
Real Image all winds will take,
Ceasing sufferings of present.
* * *
When you have gratitude in you grown,
Softens wind in the thick intestine.
Blood is purified, not getting contaminated,
And retreats grief from consciousness.
Having strengthened in inner joy,
You soften the wind that rules the lungs.
The lightness of consciousness, strengthening hands –
These are the main power of joy.
The power of patience — strengthens the bladder.
Its wind — is the support of life.
Strong bones, rest from gloomy passions
Must come to you as a great gift.
Experiencing peace, you will support your kidneys.
Will easily accumulate energy in your body,
Many good benefits will come appear suddenly,
Because kidneys are the Deity of Luck.
Having developed giving, you purify bile.
The gall bladder — is the vessel of faith.
Practice. Do not dream of trifles.
Just follow the path, having cast aside the snake of envy.
Benevolence — is the strength of the liver.
Your body becomes strong.
Stamina, rapture of love –
These are what soft winds give.
Confidence — fills small intestines.
When it is there — you do no notice it.
When it is not, dims the light of consciousness,
Only sufferings experiences the mind.
Compassion — rules in the heart.
Pure consciousness there abides.
What had not become skillful before,
It fills with mercy.
Practicing, do not become dazzled with health,
But value it, as a great benefit.
Though remember – luck grants happiness
Only those who acts wisely.
Keep this in mind and let me wish you
To practice truly, reasonably, wisely.
These traits live in the spleen,
In the gland under the stomach, and in the stomach as well.
In them — is the strength to internalize,
And preserve correctly the path of the teaching.
These traits gives guru-yoga,
The path for those who have found a place of refuge in Dharma.

Let the good be. Let the good be.
Let the good be.