Green Tara

  • The Green Tara expresses the energy of the small intestine.
  • Her key Immeasurable Feeling is Joy.
  • Her main doctrine is the Six Realms of Existence.

Joy is the only infinite emotion that all beings want to feel. Its uniqueness is universal: all beings want to be happy. No creature in existence wants to be sad or scared. When meditating on the emotion of joy, we must understand that this feeling is something that is much more, than the external reasons that we usually associate with. It is necessary to study its absolute nature that represents the nature of mind. Joy gradually softens and refines the mind and leads to its transparency and depth of clarity. Since all beings want to be happy, what distinguishes between them is the dexterity level of their mind, the way in which they want to feel happy. This difference in mind’s skill level determines which world out of the Six Worlds of Existence is most suitable for a sentient being to reincarnate in.

The Green Tara is regal. Her royalty is not irate but soothing: she is seen not as a queen, but as a princess. She has a nature of renunciation. She pulls away from mundane and absorbs narcissism, since her joy is pleased with itself and nourishes her. She does not need anything else. She nourishes the very basis of human consciousness its “awakenness”, its Buddhahood.

The organ that represents the Green Tara is small intestine, an organ, that nourishes the blood, and therefore the entire body.

The Six Realms of Existence

  1. The pleasing realm of celestial beings gives rest and pleasure to the senses, but the existence in this realm is limited by the amount of good deeds committed in this lifetime. Arrogance prevents from the realization of truth in this realm.
  2. The realm of the nature elements (titans or semi-gods) is endowed with power, but lacks peace. Merging with an element, hurricane or mountain happens because of envy and discontentment. Disappearance of a mountain or of any other element brings to a rebirth in the human realm.
  3. The human realm is auspiciously a wise one. In this realm, there is the possibility for getting necessary experience and for realization, which brings to liberation. Anger limits the amount of experience in this realm.
  4. The animal realm is a world of beings capable of suffering and of pleasure, like humans, but their bodies cannot serve as means to realization. The limits of this world are ignorance and laziness.
  5. The realm of ghosts is like a mirage. The beings of this realm are constantly desiring and lusting, but never getting what they desire due to the absence of the bodily form of senses. This realm is limited by the bounds of lust and desire.
  6. The hell realm is a place of suffering and despair, through which a consciousness goes due to the evil deeds. Their amount creates the boundaries of hell.

Those, who put together wisdom and compassion, remove all limits and untie all chains. The ground for wisdom is in every breath. The seed of compassion is an ordinary awareness of what’s going on, without any distraction in thoughts.

The obstacles for the realization of the Truth are the following:

  • pride (or egoism);
  • envy (or dissatisfaction);
  • anger;
  • laziness (or ignorance);
  • lust (greed, desire);
  • evil deeds

– altogether these are the six diseases/obstacles.

The human birth is precious for disciples. It leads to the cure of all diseases in patient and well-wishing disciples, but brings to the aggravation of the all diseases/obstacles in the ignorant and unrestrained disciples.

By Natalia Tsimbler
Translation by Daniel Tsimbler

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