Green Buddha Amoghasiddhi

  • Amoghasiddhi expresses the energy of the liver.
  • His key Immeasurable Feeling – Gratitude.
  • His main teachingKarma.

An Immeasurable Feeling of the Green BuddhaGratitude – is the foundation for successful action in life. Therefore, when we talk about the Green Buddha – we are talking about the Buddha of Perfect Actions. Gratitude shows us the unmistakable direction for the right way forward.

Appearance of the Green Buddha: he is a warrior by nature of his power, military commander. He leads the troops of our skills, combines them and makes the right movement plan. He is strict, majestic, courageous. He is a warrior in the armor of skills. He is often portrayed with a weapon in hands. It is the weapon of Dharma it overcomes vices and suffering of ignorance. It destroys the very habit of destruction. Action of Amoghasiddhi is similar to the way we snatch the weapon from the enemy so it becomes ours.

The most problematic feeling for the liver is anger. Therefore, the highest influence of Amoghasiddhi is the transformation of anger into the Loving Kindness. Anger has a great release of energy. We decide about what mental shell to give to this energy – if it is the shell of a sense of “I”, it turns into anger, which is trying to destroy the obstacles; and if this energy is Loving Kindness, we can not just destroy the obstacles but embrace all the phenomena as a whole.

The basic doctrine of the Green Buddha is the doctrine of Karma.


A proper understanding of karma is an understanding that the doer’s actions shape the consciousness of the doer. This happens immediately. The direction and the nature of actions committed are grasped by the consciousness as its own essence. Then, there is a tendency of consciousness to commit the same or similar actions – the consciousness tries to preserve itself.

Consciousness, accustomed to commit good deeds becomes diligent and skillful in their implementation, acquires wisdom and kindness, which gives the doer the right direction through the stream of suffering. Bad deeds enslave the mind by desires, greed and stupidity. Right actions/deeds do the Karma not destructive, but constructive.

At the time of the death of the law of Karma is a force that determines the next birth.

By Natalia Tsimbler