Eight Worldly Dharmas

A life, pursued by fears and  followed by pleasures,

brings some suffering and it is called as Samsara.

If the mind does not free from this race,

he has been bound by the worldly Dharmas,

like hands and feet of a slave are chained.

Recognition of this fact is recognition

Buddha Shakyamuni¢s First Noble Truth.

How can the mind be freed

from the worldly Dharmas?

What kind of thought building

can give an adequate answer

as to stay at the point of rest

between the pairs of desires and fears?


The first pair closest in sensation

is the desire of temporary happiness

and fear of temporary misfortunes.


All born beings want happiness

and no one wants sufferings.

But the desire for the happiness

is like impatience with a long healing wound.

It is a concern of spiritual blindness

that both happiness and unhappiness

in the world of incarnations TEMPORARY

and NON PERMANENT  аs all phenomena are illusory.

Patience for one’s own karma is the seed

from which the roots and branches of Knowledge grow.

Oh, as there is a wish to prolong temporary happiness!

Oh, as there is a wish that suffering time ended somewhat quicker!

The law of causes and consequences is

merciless and torments the body of incarnation!

Who are you, suffering an impatient wanderer?

This temporary body is You, isn’t it?

Isn’t it a piece of decaying meat?


This meat can be frozen for preservation

or roast on the hellfire

it does not spoil ahead of time.

But you, Mind that do not aware nature,

you want it to be filled with sensuality

and throbbed from contact the world.

How do you recognize bliss without suffering?

Running away from suffering,

the Mind runs away from its Nature and turns into the meat.

Meat becomes so much in a happy environment

and it is already difficult for him to move,

it begins to suffer from an increasing its own quantity.

If suffering has been manifested  in the life,

the reason their appearance was already in the past.

Can you change your past life?

Or can you run away from your past life?

Only the increasing your good deeds

will save you from the severity sufferings.

Only  not doing a bad deed

will give you prerequisites for the future good.

Let  patience will be with you!


The second couple is:

the thirst of praise and the fear of censure.

Why do you want the praise so?

Sense of “me” is vague phenomenon,

identifying itself by the mind or by the body.

Wandering   from one to the other,

sense of “me”   like the shadow

from a swinging lantern in the night.

Identifying himself with the body

he wants to distinguish himself

from the crowd of other bodies through an elegant outfit.

Identifying himself with the mind,

he wants to impress others with accumulated intelligence.

The sense of “me” loses strength for grasping

from  the uncertainty and it is always waiting

some  support from the outside.

Such support   for the sense of “me ” is praise.

Praise is as the yeast to inflate the Ego.

Is it worth spending your life

for blowing up soap bubbles?

Desire to please and to the desire to please

become devastating vitality winds .

This does not mean, that the praise is immoral,

it is good by itself like a working engine,

but if you feel the desire for it,

it becomes a poisonous scorpion¢s sting,

kills the good accumulation of karma.

The expectation of censure for bad deeds

is like waiting for death

to interrupt the life of the body and mind.

In fact, this Sense of “me”

is afraid to lose its self-feeling,

as well as hope for praise as a prop.

There are false and righteous censures.

If the censure is false, it causes a sense of resentment.

If the censure is righteous,

it causes a feeling of annoyance for its own ignorance.

In order do not let the feeling of resentment into the heart,

one should show understanding

that the false grows from ignorance.

Wind of false censure is karmically heavy

for one’s source and plunges it

into a the lower worlds falling stream .

Should not compassion encompass

the heart of a yogi  to a source of false censure,

instead of resenting him?

If the Righteous censure causes a feeling of annoyance

and a desire to hide from shame,

remember that only the mercy of the censure wisdom

is able to protect against future errors.

Bring your shame as a pure empty vase

to fill with wisdom of pure water, quenching one’s thirst.

Where the fear of censure and

thirst of praise do not exist, there’s praise and censure,

as if the sun and the moon are supporting t the Path of  Equality.

So comprehend the union of Emptiness and Wisdom!


The third couple of wordly Dharmas.

the fear of insignificance and the thirst for glory.

Fear of insignificance is Poisoned by its own poison

– food thirst for glory.

The root of any fear lies in the fear of death,

and the fear of death is associated

with the loss of attention to yourself surrounding world.

The attention of the world originates

in the sense organs of the physical body.

The experience of life in the body

gives only one side of reality to a person,

and what is not perceived by the senses

does not exist for a person,

and therefore loses all significance for a person.

To be invisible to other people

is to die and lose all meaning to them.

Feeling the suffering of insignificance,

the Sense of “me”   loses itself,

experiencing death throes and seek

to attract the attention of other people,

using all available methods.

So is it worth the effort to maintain

an imaginary sense of “me”?

So the feeling of insignificance

feeds the thirst for glory.

What is dangerous such thirst

since  the glory of Buddha Shakyamuni

gave the world a precious teaching?

Both glory  and insignificance

– these are only the derivative phenomena

arising and disappearing everyone in due time.

They are released in their  nature.

But if the mind begins to follow illusion  phenomena,

it will lose balance in the same way,

as it is impossible to keep for the passing by train,

standing on one leg, or as it is impossible

to run ahead of the train and do not  get under its wheels.

If the actions we have committed bring us

fame or insignificance, it is necessary to realize the investigation,

as the coming contemplation experience.

Let the power of weakness be upon you!


The  last couple of wordly Dharmas:

thirst of benefit and fear of loss.

It  is a predator and food.

The benefit and the loss are connected

with the center of consciousness

and most remotely body, than other pairs of worldly dharma,

as these notions themselves speak about themselves,

as about acquired from out and undeterred.

If you carefully think about the concepts themselves,

you can easily find that the fear of loss

comes from an already realized understanding

that THIS (the subject of loss)

does not belong to me, and therefore,

I create suffering through clinging by myself.

The thirst for gain cannot live without fear of loss,

as a living being cannot do without food,

therefore, cutting off the fear of loss,

we get rid of the thirst for profit  automatically.

Let it be Good!

Marina Suhanova
Translation to English: Helga Von Krauzinsh