Three Vajras

Dance of Cranes

Begin with a variation of Humkara Mudra. Little fingers touch each other during the whole performance. The heart meridian reaches the little finger, so this mudra strengthens the Anahata Chakra. By Vladimir Pyatsky


The Lotus Style

Performed by Natalia Tsimbler The Lotus Style (Full Body) Performed by Smadar Pyatsky Guitar: Hanan Pyatsky


Tendon Relaxation Mudras

Performed by Vladimir Pyatsky These mudras are beneficial in cases of tendon pain and tenderness resulting from use of a computer mouse or writing/typing for long periods of time. Purpose: relaxing the tendons, eliminating pain. How to do: stretch your fingers as on the video, make sure to do it softly. If there is pain, remember not to try to overcome it, but to stretch softly. Your goal is to give your tendons energy and not to fight with them! Notice the angle of the wrist to the forearm – it is very important to keep it throughout the…read more