Blue Buddha – Medicine Buddha

  • An Immeasurable Feeling of the Blue Buddha is Loving Kindness.
  • His organ in a bodyKidneys.
  • His fundamental doctrine is of the Twelve Nidanas.

The essence of his teachings is the interdependence that exists on the process of occurring of all phenomena – the doctrine of the Twelve Nidanas. The mutual dependence of occurrence of all phenomena means the lack of existence of the “I”. The Twelve Nidanas are twelve links of interdependent occurrence of all phenomena, that is, there is no independent or permanent source from which these phenomena would occur. Consequently, there is no permanent and sustainable “I.”

This teaching is inseparable from the teaching of the Four Noble Truths: there is interdependent formation of suffering (Twelve Nidanas); suffering has its cause (Three kinds of Thirst); there is cessation of suffering; and there is a Way leading to the cessation of suffering.

By his nature and behavior, the Blue Buddha is magician, Vidyadhara (“Vessel of Knowledge“). Vidyadhara is a siddha yogi, living mainly in the magical reality. His behavior and actions on the physical level incomprehensible to the people around him and are often seem crazy, so Vidyadharas often called «crazy yogis». He lives in the reality, which is not subject to the ordinary laws. Vidyadharas’ or Buddhist mahasiddhas’ image is central to the Buddhist literature.

Why the Immeasurable Feeling, inherent in him, is Loving Kindness?

Loving Kindness is the most insane of all the feelings. Man’s mind at any given point in time is able to love and to be focused on only one object. This human ability to truly love someone and be genuinely interested in someone – it is devastating for the egoism, because at that moment the person ceases to concentrate on himself. Vidyadhara is the one who does not care about his reputation or the comfort provided by the society for his feeling of “I”. Loving Kindness breaks the comfort zone, to which we are so accustomed – as the chick breaks the shell of the egg to come out. This breakthrough is as sudden and spontaneous as the spontaneous transfer of enlightenment. For the worldly mind, Vidyadhara – a madman who, in loving people around him, does not love himself and does not appreciate his own comfort. This is the madness of love.

Blue Buddha is often depicted in royal robes, which are not, however, conventional terrestrial , but space-like garment, woven of light. His energy is similar to the energy of the stars and the wind, and he is dressed in shining radiance. His appearance is of an ascetic and of the king at the same time. Blue Buddha is a wanderer and appears where he wishes, and in the form in which he wants.

By Natalia Tsimbler