Lesson 9 – Kidneys – keepers of vitality

Vajradhara Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

Vajradhara Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

What are the kidneys?

Let’s take advantage of verbal association.  Where else do we meet the word «kidney»?  Oh, these are the very buds that are born on the branches of trees and something germinates from them in spring or at another favorable time. Something  germinatesblossoms,develops.

The structure of the kidney is similar to a seed, which contains the entire future arsenal of viability of escape.  Thus  we also consider human kidneys, which first begin the progress in a human germ.

All begins with one kidney, which is rooted in a favorable environment, generates the second – an affiliated kidney.  These are the two main storehouses of life, similar to the tubers of a potato, accumulating a large supply of nutrients.

Their trunk is the central energy channel.  All other dense organs are secondary shoots and being Yan  (Yang) in relation to kidneys (Yin).

The vessel of existence is a complex creation  consisting of several bodies  various structures: physical, mental and causal.  The primary goals of the kidneys are filtering and upholding the elements of  three levels of vital forms;  these tasks are reflected in  yantra.

Filtering occurs at moving through channels, so it is symbolized by a circle, similar to a cut of the channel.  Upholding stabilizes the purified substances and energy, soa square  corresponds to it.

Considering, that work of kidneys covers three levels of bodies, also figures  repeat three times, containing in more subtle structures more dense.

The  circle from a circuit of twelve links finishesyantra &symbolizes twelve principles of interdependent existence (Twelve Nidānas).

Four colors of the largest square symbolize all other dense organs originating from  kidneys and supported by them.  The center of  yantra is illuminated by the presence of the deity of Vajradhara, whose light has a direct influence on  activity of  kidneys.

Marina Sukhanova and Vladimir Pyatsky
Translation: Helga Von Krauzinsh