Lesson 8 – The Spleen in yantrа

Ratnasambhava Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

Ratnasambhava Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

In  figurative concept, the spleen is a millstone  grinding the mind’s structures into a flour fora physical embodiment.  On the one hand, it is a process of destruction, similar to the grinding of wheat grains ripened on the ear.

It destroys the possibility of an infinite repetition of the sense of «me», transforming it into a plastic clay of mindfulness, suitable for creativity.  This creative work of the spleen builds palaces of existence or vessels for the embodiment.

The square of a spleen is majestic like the royal palace strengthened by inputs from four sides (Infinite Feelings – brahmavichars).  There  are other less capacious figuresinside the square of yantra: a circle and triangles, and a square supports their mutual harmony within it.

The circle is the rotation of the transforming & grinding power.  Color  inside the circle is red & hot  as from the friction of two millstones.  The green color of the six-pointed star indicates a karmic connection (green color is the color of the blending of the blue light of the sky and the yellow glow of the earth in the cordial center).

The white outline is the color of purity  emphasizing the purity of karmic accumulation.  The colors of a star cool the inner part of  yantra in the center of which the regal Ratnasambhava sits in the white lotus.

The whole Ratnasambhava*s  yantra is a gate-palace  according to the principle of a fantastic time machine, but the transfer is not in time, but in various levels of perception of  illusion: from the densest (corporeal) up to the most thin and vice versa.

Ratnasambhava is the golden crown of yantra. His  presence reminds about the exhaustion and cessation of all transformations of illusion, realizing the death of the vague sense of «me».

Marina Sukhanova and Vladimir Pyatsky
Translation: Helga Von Krauzinsh