Lesson 10 – The Gallbladder

Black Tara Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

Black Tara Yantra, author Marina Sukhanova

From the previous lessons, we have acquired that figures in yantras are not formed incidentally.  The circle characterizes mobility, the square characterizes fixidity and stability, and the triangle characterizes the process ofdirection.

But, sometimes, the structure of the object of concentration does not fit into the right figures with a single center of symmetry in all directions, and then modifications appear.  In this lesson we consider the gallbladder in  yantra* language, as an example of changing the proper forms.

The gallbladder is a follicle in which bile is temporarily stored.  Bile is  a poisonous liquid of a dark color, which contributes  the splitting of food.  The Bile is produced by a liver as a product separated from the blood in the process of its purification.

Then the bile enters to a special sediment bowl tank-the gall bladder and enriches its concentration in it.  At the moment, as pre-digested food, from the stomach enters the duodenum, the gallbladder injects bile into it  for the further cleavage of  food mass.

Such injection occurs instantly as impact of a lightning – quickly and on time.  The action of the gallbladder opens up for us the basic vector – the direction from the gall bladder to the duodenum and therefore appears to be an expanding force for the static position.

Let’s take advantage of statics* concept in the form of a square and the instant impact, stretching it along in a strict direction. Expansion of a square on one of directions does not violate its stability, being mobile at the right time.

That work of a bilious bubble was on an alert level of the sniper to a precise shot, its condition should be up to the mark. The use of Yantra for a concentration is capable to support such  level with its geometry.

Rectangle in yantra is a modified square of the bile settling tank, resulting from repeated moments of its isolation.  At the time of excretion, the gallbladder, stretching, is divided into two sectors, similar to cell division.

One gets the force of drawing a new portion of bile from the liver, the other pushes bile out of himself into the duodenum.  For a split second we have two gallbladder, which then combine again into one – the general..

Four triangles pointing down symbolize the buoyancy of bile.  Triangles pointing upward, symbolize entering into the gallbladder, the fiery energy of the liver and heart and delivery of a new portion of bile from the liver.

The energy of the luminosity of the gallbladder is black and controlled by the deity – the Black Tara.  In an instant of emission of bile, it, as it were, casts its shadow, thus exerting influence on the further course of life of our organism.

Marina Sukhanova and Vladimir Pyatsky
Translation: Helga Von Krauzinsh